• a family of churches

    Anthem Denver is part a family of churches helping people find their way back to God. The Anthem family of churches is united around shared mission, vision, values, and submission to the Lordship of King Jesus. In our cities, we are working to obey Jesus in helping people find their way back to God.

Who We Are

We are a new church community in Denver, Colorado. We believe that the gospel of Jesus is the best news for today. Our hope and dream is to be a people who live out the way of Jesus really well in our city. We dream of many others joining us as we seek out the renewal and healing of this city. We believe that God's mission in the world is to heal and restore all of it, and we want to join God in that mission.

Josh & Courtney Lewis

Josh and Courtney Lewis are the Anthem Denver church planters and help lead the vision of this new church. Over the past few years, Josh and Courtney have been dedicated servants within the Anthem family of churches. They have been married for 6 years and have a son named Lennon and a daughter named Violet.

Where We Come From

Josh and Courtney have been a part of the Anthem family of churches in California for almost 7 years now serving and continuing to be deeply involved in the life of this church community. The Lewises have dreamed of doing ministry in an urban city for many years. As they prayed with the Anthem family of churches leadership, it became clear that they were being called to plant a church in Josh’s home city of Denver, Colorado.

Anthem Church Denver is part of a family of churches held closely together through relationship, a shared philosophy of ministry and a deep commitment to the gospel of Jesus.

For more information on the Anthem family of churches visit this website: anthemchurch.org/churches 

Where We're Headed

We are praying for a community of people to form in Denver to begin this new church. The dream is that this community will seek God together, regularly live their lives together, and seek the renewal of the city of Denver together. Our dream for the future in Denver is not that just one church would be built up, but that Anthem Church would be a part of a reproducing church movement in Denver and throughout the world. 

Our hope is that our plan and strategy would look as much like the plan of the first-century church as possible.

What This Means For You

You are invited to come and experience our community in these early days. We are praying that God would add to our number in this season as we meet regularly. The continuation of that prayer is that people would join us and contribute by using their gifts to breathe life into this church. 

So yes, please come and check out who we are, but ultimately our dream for you is that you would come and BE the church rather than just being another person who attends a church.

What this means for you is that we are inviting you to come and BE the people of our church here in the city of Denver. 

Together we will be a community following Jesus in the city of Denver.

Join us Sunday nights as we gather for a time of Song and Scriptures together. 

Join us for a Social as we’re growing together as friends and as a community.