Becoming Biblically Literate

This year, we want to become more Biblically literate as a community. We are reading through the entire Bible, and we'd love for you to join us! Together, we are taking the challenge of reading from Genesis-Revlation in 100 days. 

We will begin our 100-day challenge on Monday, January 22. You will find the reading plan and resources for your Bible reading journey right here on this page. 👇🏼👇🏼


There are several resources you will use throughout this series. On a weekly basis, you’ll need to access the daily reading plan, the Bible Project videos, and the teachings from this series. 

  • Reading plan

    We are taking the challenge of reading through the Bible in 100 days. The daily reading plan is available at the link below. 

  • Bible project videos

    The Bible Project has created some amazing animated videos that provide context for every book in the Bible. They’ve also created several theme videos that shed light on some of the most important and challenging themes we see throughout the Bible. Click on each video playlist below.

  • series teaching

    Here you’ll find the Sunday teachings from our "Becoming Biblically Literate" series. We encourage you to listen. 

resources for questions along the way

Every one of us will have questions with the Bible? We want to help and equip you with resources that deal with the many questions of the Bible. Here, you will find conversations, videos, and podcasts that will tackle the difficulties and questions we have with the Bible. 

  • Slavery in the Bible?

    What does the Bible say about slavery? In this video, Dr. Esau McCaulley discusses this topic at length. 

  • Violence in the Old Testament?

    Author Joshua Ryan Butler speaks on some of the toughest questions about violence in the Old Testament. 

  • the making of the Bible

    Tim Mackie gives a lecture on the formation and canonization of the Bible. 

  • Understanding Leviticus

    Pastor Timothy Keller explains how the book of Leviticus actually points us to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.