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Ephesians 6

Gospel Mystery

I have always loved a good mystery needing to be solved. I love the adventure and unknown that often comes with the mystery. The gospel is a great mystery that continues to unfold to those who seek the Lord. Paul asks in Ephesians 6, “that words may be given to me in opening my mouth boldly to proclaim the mystery of the gospel.” It was not a mistake that he asked for the words to be given to him. The gospel is so rich, full, and deep, that we need words given to us to truly proclaim it. The gospel can’t be fully found without the help of the Holy Spirit. If we try to put on the armor of God and forget to preach the good news that God has given us, we have found ourselves missing the point of this passage. 

The gospel comes equipped with the access to the full armor of God. It’s a spiritual battle to do this for sure. In verses 10-12 the word “against” is used six times. It’s often a battle to preach the good news in our communities. This is a battle we will surely win with the armor only the Lord provides. When I think of armor and battles, I often think of The Hobbit. The mystery and adventure in this movie is great. In The Hobbit, Gandalf tells Bilbo, “true courage is about knowing not when to take a life, but when to spare one.” 

How many lives could we help spare if we preached the gospel with the words God has given us? How many lives are missing out on the good things God wants to give them? 

In verse 22 Paul mentions sending Tychicus to the Ephesians to encourage their hearts. He is also sent so that the Ephesians may know who the believers are. Knowing each other is very important. We need to stay connected as believers to encourage each other. Without each other, our courage often fails. 

I am personally challenged to think about who in my life needs to know the gospel. And I need encouragement from fellow believers to share the gospel with others. This passage reminds me of my need to stay connected to Christ and his followers. If we do stay connected to Christ, the mystery of this gospel will become so much clearer.  May the words we use to share the gospel come alive to change so many lives this week!

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weekly reflection by

Kevin Jones