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Colossians 4

Group Effort

While I’m reading through Colossians 4, it’s easy for me to want to skip over the names that Paul is listing out and talking about. But these people were so important to his ministry and spirits. I’ve noticed that any time you see success, whether in ministry or elsewhere, there are always many people who help to make it happen. It’s nice to see Paul devote this last chapter to honor those who came alongside him and a reminder to me to be thankful for those who speak encouragement and give correction in my life.

It’s been said that the greatest ability in the world is dependability. Whether someone is depending on you or you are depending on someone else, I believe we will play both roles at some point in our lives. Ministry is the same way, it’s a team sport and a group effort. Because of our sin though, there will be ups and downs along the way and a constant need for restoration and nourishment. I believe that’s how God wants it and it’s seen in all of the people that Paul mentioned. 

As the Bible always has a way of doing so, Colossians 4 is such an encouragement in not only doctrine and correction but serves to keep us on track as we focus on Jesus and the relationships we’re given. 

weekly reflection by

Anya Payne