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Colossians 1

He Holds All Things Together  

I really needed a good morning this past Monday. Quarantine life has not been easy, and the kids have been restless without outings to the kids museum, library, or swimming lessons. By Sunday it had reached a fever pitch, so I had promised myself: Monday is going to be different. So I set myself up for success and got out of bed before the kids woke up. There was just enough time for a quiet, peaceful moment of prayer—never easy to come by in the Lewis house—when I noticed something that obliterated my whole plan. My car was gone.

Panic. Running outside. Pieces of the door handle on the pavement. Stolen. “Do something logical.” Rapid breathing. “Start a to-do list!” Anxiety. Phone calls. Stress. Fear. I needed a few deep breaths and a big dose of Surrender, but the entire situation swallowed me up in one big helpless gulp.  

As I have been reflecting on this particularly chaotic morning and all the new stressors that Covid has introduced, I had to remind myself that He is in control. When my life is cartwheeling into oncoming traffic, He is in control. When my kids are tantruming, everything is closed and then my car gets stolen, He is there. I need these times of reflection to center myself in the truth that He is divine, He is a Good Father. He is the One who created you and me. Colossians 1:15-20 is such a great reminder of the realities of who God is:

He is the image of the invisible God.
He is the firstborn over all creation.
He is the creator of everything in heaven and on earth.
He is before all things.
He is the One who holds all things together.
He is the head of the church.
He is the beginning.
He is the One in whom all the fullness of God dwells.
He is the reconciler of all things.
He is the ultimate peacemaker.

Verses 15-20 reminds me that He is the One who holds all things together. He is present in our chaos. He does not change, no matter the situation we face. When you are faced with your next inevitable too-much-to-handle moment, take a deep breath and remember that He is the One who is the Peacemaker, Reconciler, All-Knowing and Creator of all. Run to Him who cares deeply for you.
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weekly reflection by

Courtney Lewis