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Ephesians 5

Imitators of Christ

We've been having conversational teachings here at Anthem Denver, and last week we had the privilege of hearing from Bert Alcorn from Anthem Ventura in Southern California. Something he said really resonated with me: "That we follow Jesus matters. How we follow Jesus matters a lot." 

I was reminded of this phrase when Paul says, "Look carefully then HOW you walk" (v15). This brief phrase has the potential for a huge impact on how we, as Christians, live our lives. Just as Bert mentioned, it is critical that we first and foremost give our lives to Jesus and recognize Him as our Lord. But that's not the end. We are then called to live as "imitators of God, as beloved children" (v1). Not going to sugarcoat it: this seems really daunting. An imitator of our holy and glorious God? No pressure or anything!!

Thankfully we are not alone in that pursuit (*insert sigh of relief*)!! I am the first to admit that I would love to be self-sufficient and be able to figure things out on my own. But how often do I fail when I try to do that? More often than I care to admit, but if I'm being real . . . I FAIL A LOT. It is in those failures that I am sweetly reminded of the incredible power and wisdom of God through His Holy Spirit that lives within me (v15). I do not have to figure things out on my own. 

My encouragement to all of us, but mostly to myself, is to remember that how we walk as Christians doesn't just matter for those looking in on our lives as a testament to the grace of Jesus—it matters to our own souls. When I am walking by the Spirit, I have hope. I am encouraged. I just feel BETTER because I am walking in tandem with the one who loves my soul the most—Jesus. So be encouraged: you don't have to figure life out. Not even close. Just be close to Jesus today as you walk by faith.

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Caylin Rosenthal