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Philippians 3

Jesus is All that Truly Matters 

As I read through Philippians 3, I was struck by Paul's use of language. He was speaking to the point that all accomplishments, all striving to be righteous, all worldly desires, pale in comparison to knowing Jesus. So far as saying that all his greatest accomplishments were as "dog dung" in comparison to knowing Jesus. I found myself wondering why it is that my heart still chases after praise and acceptance from people, financial security, and unconditional love in my relationships, when that truly can only come from Jesus. I have experienced all of that in his presence, yet I still run to the physical things. In my current stage of life, trusting God and knowing he loves me can be a challenge. Anxiety so easily creeps into my heart and mind and tells me I need to take control in order to see success in my life. It only takes a minute of surrender to remember how small I am and how big God is and that he has everything I could possibly need. He is more than enough. 

 My desire is to follow after Paul and say, “I'm not perfect, and I know the world and my anxieties will call to me, but I have my eye on one goal: following Jesus and not looking back.” 

May we see him as the one who loves and dotes on us, who champions us as we run the race, and who sets us free from the worries and concerns of this world that so easily entangle us. Be free and run towards Jesus!

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weekly reflection by

Callie Baldwin