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Grand opening Sunday, Feb 21st @ 10am.

Open House

You're invited to our OPEN HOUSE celebration!

On Sunday, Feb. 21st we are inviting our community into our new space. God has provided an incredible gathering space for us and we want you to join us for a celebration. 

- We will worship together
- We will have child dedications
- Socially Distanced brunch snacks afterward
- A time of teaching from the Scriptures
- We will thank God for our new gathering space


WHEN: February 21 @ 10 am
WHERE: 2644 W. 32nd Avenue, Denver


COVID-19 Precautions?
We ask that everyone wear a mask throughout your time in the building and maintain physical distancing. We have masks and hand sanitizer available as well as restrooms to wash your hands. All of our children's toys are sanitized each week and we have our seating spaced out during our gathering.